The Fabulous Jalopy Theatre Holiday Shopping Guide

Just a week before Thanksgiving and Christmas music, hot toddy’s, and the pressure of finding the perfect gift are upon us!  Thankfully, Jalopy has you covered at every price range, for every musician or music fan on your list.

For the 99%

$2-$5 –  Remember Shrinky-Dinks?  We do!  If you’ve got two dollars in your pocket you can give the gift of the Jalopy logo to the magnetic surface of your choosing ($2).

Our deluxe magnets are of Karen Duffy playing banjo and a mystery man on a steel guitar.  Only one of each left!  Get ‘em while they’re hot!  Drawings by Ray Ray Mitrano ($5).

Jalopy belongs among the assorted poetry words, takeout menus, and kid’s drawings hanging out on your fridge!

$10 – Dampit Guitar Humidifier. Winter means your instrument is losing moisture – which leads to cracks in the wood and other expensive repairs down the road.  Prevention is easy with a humidifier! How thoughtful of you.

Available in Store

$15 – A Vinyl LP! American Songs with Fiddle and Banjo played by Pat Conte.  Highly acclaimed by the Old Time Herald, American Songs is a collection of old-time, primitive blues and archaic tunes on beautiful red vinyl.  Digital download included (if you’re into that sort of thing…)

Click picture to go purchase in our Online Store.

$12 Shirt sale!  Limited Edition Red Jalopy Women’s T-shirt with Black Cap-Sleeve.

$15-20 Jalopy T-shirts! Black with red type.  American Apparel.

Jalopy Theatre Women’s Tank Top.  Pretty darn stylish and the perfect reminder that warmer weather is coming! ($15)

Jalopy Theatre Men’s/Women’s. T-shirt.  The perfect way to show your Jalopy Pride.  Cause there ain’t no jerseys in old-time. ($20)

$20 – Live From the Audience – Book of Drawings by Robin Hoffman.  If you haven’t seen Robin Hoffman’s drawings before, we’re not sure where you’ve been the last few years…but for new fans and old, we’ve got a book of color and black and white drawings done from the audience at Jalopy!  A beautiful gift.

$30 Jalopy Hooded Sweatshirt! Black with red type. American Apparel.

Men’s/Women’s Hooded Sweatshirt. So warm! Perfect for that long walk from the F/G train at Carroll St…

$22 – Snark Tuner – Is your loved one just learning an instrument? Give everyone a break and get them a Snark headstock tuner! Super portable-it even comes with a metronome feature!

Name Your Price – Gift Certificate!  From $2 to $??  Don’t know their size?  That’s okay.  Want to buy your friend a round of drinks at the Jalopy?  No problem.  Jalopy gift certificates are the answer.

Check back next week for some of the higher end Jalopy gifts – for people you really, really like.

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Jalopy Holiday Special on Classes!

This just in!

Jalopy is offering two new classes at a very special holiday rate of $150!

That’s 8 weeks of class for only $150!

Irish Guitar with Jefferson Hamer

Saturdays at 1pm (beginning November 26th)

Purchase Here

IRISH GUITAR class will offer an in-depth survey of backup and lead guitar in Irish music. Topics include right hand rhythm, chords and substitutions, playing the melody, grooves and getting the right feel, fingerstyle accompaniment, alternate tunings, melodic counterpoint, and accompanying songs. Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced players.
Jefferson Hamer is a professional guitarist and singer who plays regularly at NYC’s 11th St. Bar and Brass Monkey Irish Sessions and performs in the traditional group The Murphy Beds. In addition to his own solo and full-band performances, he performs with a range of artists as a harmony singer and accompanist on both acoustic and electric instruments. He and songwriter Anais Mitchell are currently writing and recording an album of new adaptations of the 19th-Century English and Scottish Popular Ballads collected by Francis James Child.


Mississippi John Hurt and Beyond – Intermediate Guitar Stylings with Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton

Mondays at 8pm, beginning November 21st

Purchase Here

Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton will teach an 8 week course, looking at the guitar playing of some of the blues greats. He will start with Mississippi John Hurt, and cover the likes of Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Lemon Jefferson and more. The course will look at the picking and strumming styles that make this music so universally loved, and so difficult to recreate. The class is designed for intermediate to advanced students.

Jerron “’Blind Boy” Paxton is an American genius….. no kidding. He was raised in Watts, but his people come from North Louisiana, and it shows.

He is all of twenty one, a large man with a huge talent and a gargantuan sense of humor. He’s a dead ringer for Blind Blake, whose music he plays to a fare-thee-well, but if you put a derby on him and seat him in front of a piano, Fats Waller lives again. Pass him a banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and just about any other instrument you can think of and he’ll show you something you can’t live without. He decided at the age of fifteen– about the time he started to go blind– that he just didn’t like anything written after 1934. So now he plays the piano twelve hours a day, and listens to 78s the rest of the time.

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Bawn in the Mash

Sunday July 10th


Bawn in the Mash

Mamie Minch


Bawn in the Mash makes their Jalopy debut tonight with Mamie Minch.

These progressive players ground their sound in “The ancient tones of Western Kentucky.”  Every member is a multi-instrumentalist and bridges a gap between bluegrass and rock and roll, says Patrick Rodgers from The Nashville Scene.  Touted by many as fresh and original, yet based in roots traditions, this band has been touring constantly.

Here’s part 1 of a 3 part video from “Red Barn Radio” with a performance plus some interviews with the band.  Check it out and decide for yourself!

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10th Anniversary Show…



Alex Battles and the Whisky Rebellion have been causing trouble for 10 years now.  From Lillie’s Bar to Country Music Television to Jalopy Theatre, it’s time for a celebration.  Did you miss Alex’s spot on CMT Insider?  We think it’s safe to say that the NYC country music scene is not like Nashville – and we are definitely okay with that!  Here’s the clip –

But perhaps that doesn’t show the Rebellion at their most rebellious…here we go – and this is just one recent configuration of the band!

Also, The Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues is sounding extra good lately – on two separate accounts last week did people think that a record was playing and then go “Wait- that’s live!  Wow.”  Sweet.

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The Online Store has arrived! Plus, June Classes & Workshops!

this picture is silly

Long awaited, long fought for, the Jalopy Online Store is now running!  There is a new tab called “Shop Jalopy” on the letter “L” at

Here you will be able to purchase tickets for shows, classes, our record, and other Jalopy merchandise!  We’ve kept the handling fees as low as possible ($2.00) because, naturally, we want to keep things affordable and honest.

Also, our class schedule for June and July has been set!  Info below!

Mondays, June 6th-June 27th

7pm – Songwriting Workshop (2 hour classes, for 4 weeks)

Tuesdays, June 7th-July 26th

7pm – Mandolin I

7pm – Banjo I

8pm – Ensemble Class

Wednesdays, June 8th-July 27th

7pm – Fiddle III

7pm – Banjo I

8pm – Banjo II

Thursdays, June 9th-July 28th

7pm – Mandolin II

7pm – Fiddle I

8pm – Fiddle II

Fridays, June 10th – July 29th

7pm – Ukulele I

8pm – Ukulele II

Saturdays, June 18th – July 30th (starts one week later)

1pm – Guitar I

2pm – Guitar II

3pm – Guitar III

4pm – Finger Style Guitar I

5pm – Finger Style Guitar II


3rd Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival Workshops at BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coaltion)

Saturday, June 11th $10/workshop

1pm – Songs of the Sea and Tavern Singing Workshop (upstairs)

1pm – Hazel Dickens Singing Workshop (screening room)

4pm – Beginning Jam Workshop

5pm – Tunings and Styles in Old Time Music: Fiddle

Sunday, June 12th$10/workshop

1pm – Intermediate Jam Workshop

2pm – Tunings and Styles in Old Time Music: Banjo

Sunday, June 19th at Jalopy Theatre

12pm – Vocal Harmony Duos and Trios $25

2:30pm – Vocal Harmony Basics – $20

5:00pm – Vocal Harmony Showcase FREE

Saturday, July 30th

12pm – Advanced and Beginner Harmonica Workshop with J.P. Allen and Adam Gussow $65 adv/$75 door

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Bayou n Brooklyn Festival – this weekend!

Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Bayou, brings the Big Easy North

for a Weekend of Cajun and Zydeco Sounds

Bayou n’ Brooklyn is Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th at Jalopy Music Theatre, Brooklyn, NY (Red Hook Neighborhood) 315 Columbia Street (Between Hamilton & Woodhull) Brooklyn, NY 11231 Reservations (718) 395 3214

The songs played by Cajun musicians today were handed down from generation to generation. It is a tradition in this music for musician to add their own personal technique and individuality to the song, performing and making it uniquely their own. Cajun Music is rooted in American, Country and French traditions.  “Imagine frequent gatherings with home-cooked Cajun fare and home-cooked Cajun music”, says Jesse Lége.

Zydeco music” Says Laren Droll of Zydegroove, ” is much closer to the genre Rythmn and blues, and to other Afro Caribbean traditions. It has more of a pepper flavor and has a signature rhythm and phrasing all of it’s own.”

Explore workshops in Guitar, Voice, in Traditional Cajun Music From the Heart: Cajun Fiddle, Guitar, Vocal and Ensemble Workshop on Saturday,  May 7th  12-2PM  Whether you are an experienced vocalist or novice, or have always dreamed of singing with a band, you will be able to expand and explore your vocal repertoire to include the heartfelt ad sassy vocal style so distinctive of the Cajun genre.” Buffy Lewis

…along with Louisiana treats like Gumbo, you’ll hear musicians like renowned Cajun accordion player Jesse Lége along with Roots- Zydeco band: Zydegroove. You’ll catch back-to-back dance hall flavor bands Catahoula Cajun Band, Cleoma’s Ghost, Magnolia Cajun Band and Empty Bottle Ramblers. Also hear the sounds of Louisiana Blues seasoned with New Orleans style in Big Road Blues Band.  A Lead Belly Guitar workshop kicks off the festival at 5PM followed by an all star Blues, Cajun and Zydeco band line up at 8.  The Community jam sessions workshops and concerts continue on Saturday featuring fiddle, guitar, vocal and accordion workshops.

If you live outside of Brooklyn, we’ll send you a DVD of our double night bands- Click here!

Tickets for each evening: in advance $12; door $15
Tickets for workshops: $25 (jam session included with admission)
Cajun Community Jam   Friday May 6th 12midnight and Saturday May 7th 5PM – Bring your instruments, come join in, or just come and listen to some great traditional Cajun. It’s free with the price of admission!

Thank you to all who pledge to bring this music to our neighborhood! Cajun music is one of America’s precious cultural gems- here in Brooklyn, NY, it is a rare occurrence!

Deborah Monlux

Gumbo Dinner Saturday May 7th 7:30PM

Please come by and grab yourself a bowl of the finest gumbo; $5 donation per bowl.

Friday, May 6th

5-6:30PM Guitar Styles of Lead Belly Workshop

8:00PM Big Road Blues Band

8:45PM Catahoula Cajun Band

9:30PM Empty Bottle Ramblers

10:15 PM Magnolia Cajun Band

12AM Cajun Community Jam

Saturday, May 7th

12-2PM Cajun Fiddles and Ensemble Workshop

12-2PM Cajun Guitar/Vocal and Ensemble Workshop

2-3:15PM Cajun Accordion and Vocal Workshop

5-6:30PM Cajun Community Jam

7:30PM Gumbo dinner

8:00PM Cleoma’s Ghost                       

9:15PM Jesse Lege & The Bayou Brew

10:45PM ZydeGroove                            

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Reverend Gary Davis Birthday Tribute

Reverend Gary Davis Birthday Tribute

Saturday, April 30th



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Kings County Opry

Friday, April 22nd

Kings County Opry

The Five Deadly Venoms

The Celebrated Song Circle with

Alex Battles

Stephanie Jenkins

Ernie Vega

Dock Oscar and the Ambassadors of Love



Kings County Opry is a night packed full of music!  Moving from Dock Oscar and the Ambassadors of Love to a round of songwriters with all different styles (country, old-time and blues this month!) and then bluegrass from The Five Deadly Venoms.  And they always have amazing posters (right?!).

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Record Store Day at Jalopy!

As you may or may not know, April 16th is national Record Store Day.  Jalopy isn’t technically a record store, but we do have records…our own American Songs with Fiddle and Banjo played by Pat Conte!  It’s done very well with well over half of our first pressing sold.  They cost $15, but we still have 3, count ’em 3! special edition records that are signed and include a poster by the wonderful Robin Hoffman.

You may have noticed a beautiful display of CDs by the door of Jalopy in recent months.  We have partnered with Yazoo Records to sell CDs from their collection.  We’ve got a lot of Early American Rural compilations from blues, folk, and old-time string bands of the 20s and 30s.  Also Hawaiian, Irish, and other ethnic compilations and a few individual artists like Charlie Patton.  They’re $15 and can be purchased at Jalopy.

Make a special visit to Jalopy today or to your favorite local record store, they probably have something exciting going on!

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John Pinamonti, Fran Leadon, and the Plunk Brothers

Friday, April 15th

John Pinamonti

Fran Leadon

The Plunk Brothers



John Pinamonti

We’re happy to drag John Pinamonti and band out of Red Hook’s favorite bar, Sunny’s, for a night of music at Jalopy!  The night will begin with The Plunk Brothers, a duo of guitars focusing on the music of Jimmie Rodgers, Doc Watson, The Louvin Brothers, Bill Monroe and more!  In the middle will be Fran Leadon, mixing country, folk and honky tonk influences.

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